Mr. Fabio Robbiati
EVP Business Development


Ms. Cristina Sulpizii
EVP Structured Finance


Ms. Gisella Conca
EVP M&A Communication


Mr. Diego Conta

Mr. Weldon Ronoh
Chief Executive

Eng. Mr.  Gino Mori
Technical Director

Mr.  Enrico Pennacino
Head Legal Advisor

Ms.  Lorena Rean-Cont
Executive Manager


Since 2009, we created an established network of qualified relationships and partnerships in the countries where we operate.

We have qualified local Partners in these following continents and countries:

Europe: Countries of the European Community, Russia. In Europe, we have our headquarter and consolidated multiannual relationships with the top management of important companies and financial institutions

Africa: Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria.

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Syria, Iran, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

Americas: Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentine, Colombia.