We constantly analyse the international markets and the trend of evolution of the different target countries for developing the business of our customers, with the aim of assessing the commercial and political country risks.
We are constantly abreast of markets development through:

  • Official sources
  • Italian Export Credit Agency (SACE)
  • Regular researches
  • Information from local partners

Last but not least, we continuously travel abroad to meet people, institutions and to have information first hand.


  • We identify, in the very early stages, of a new project the best companies that match (fit) the end user needs
  • We support our clients for successful internationalization: we lead them to be more intercultural and work effectively with local partners/suppliers
  • We help the parties, with our structured problem solving approach, to have an open and effective dialogue and finalize in right time the contracts
  • Thanks to our local and prestigious partners, we follow the project since the beginning up to the end.



  • We have created a bridge with international projects and finance -public, private international and Italian-.
  • We support our customers to identify the best financial solution for their investment and business development abroad
  • We carry out a pre-feasibility to private or public projects and identify potential compliance and legal risks.
  • If all requirements are satisfied, we activate our institutional counterparts such as Commercial Banks, ECAs and European and International Multilateral financial institutions



  • We manage technical relationships between national and international OEMs/vendors and large EPC contractors
  • We have a network of experienced « local » Partners in the geographical areas where we operate, useful to introduce our Clients in the country



  • Pre qualification of supply chain: from material source up to equipment fabrication
  • Creation of a qualified supplier’s vendor list
  • Technical review and support to vendor for compliance to project specifications
  • Development of engineering with the support of specialized EPC for various type of plants
  • Technical interface between client and vendor to resolve any major/minor problem



  •  Legal compliance

Legal support to business negotiations through advice in the areas of compliance to local or international regulations, customs operations, dual use.

  • International contract drafting

Support correspondence with foreign lawyers, drafting of pre-contractual documents (such as LOI, MOU, NDA) and commercial contracts (EPC, sale, agency, dealership, licence, transfer of know how) in English, German, French, Russian, Farsi, Chinese.

  • Legal services in operations in foreign countries 

Support in the preparation of customs documents and consultancy on dual use operations, prior authorization for exportation in the countries subject to international sanctions.
ADR: mediation for the settlement of disputes.
Support in obtaining customs authorizations (approved exporter, AEO C+S).
Corporate legal consultancy: support in due diligence on business partners and counterparts, network contracts, joint venture agreements.
IP law consultancy and protection against unfair commercial practices.
Coordination of a team of lawyers operating in the main countries (Italy, UK, China, Russia, Iran)


  • Realized and ongoing Projects:

Business Development – Project – Financing => Upstream, Middlestream, Downstream, Power & Renewable, Health/Medical

  • Financial and M&A experience in projects – last 3 years:
YearsProject NameEquipment sold EuroAmount in Euro financedSource
2006-2013Refinery revamping – Italy
Starting project 2006 – end of project 2013
350 millions financedEuropean Grant
2013New Refinery - Malaysia - 50 millions
2015Power plant 4800MW Burullus - Egypt 55 millions300 millions SACE/CDP
2015Power plant 4800MW New Capital - Egypt 55 millions300 millions SACE/CDP
2016Ethilene plant - Iran200 millions under evalutationSACE/CDP
2016Methanol Plant - Iran200 millions under evalutationSACE/CDP
2016Refinery Gas Tratment - Iran500 millions LOI IssuedSACE/CDP
2016Solar plant 37MW - Egypt50 millions LOI IssuedSACE/COP
2016Power plant 300MW - Ghana125 millions LOI IssuedSACE/CDP
2017Mission Hospital - Kenya400 millionsPrivate Sponsor
2017Waste Water Treatment - Kenya50 millionsPrivate Sponsor
2017Quality Laboratory - Kenya100 millionsPrivate Sponsor
  • Power plant: Egypt projects

4800 MW Combined cycle power plant (New Capital)
4800 MW Combined cycle power (Burullus Kafr El Sheik)
Export Credit Facilities

  • Renewable: Wind parks, Solar plant, Biogas
  • Italy/Sardinia 20 MW green house and ground
  • Italy/Sicily 2 MW biogas; 19 MW solar plant ; 30 MW wind farm
  • Italy/Apulia 2 MW biogas; 80 MW solar plant ; 89 MW wind farm
  • Italy/Basilicata 60 MW wind farm and 20 MW wind farm
  • Italy/Campania 2 MW biogas; 5 MW solar plant, 108 MW wind farm
  • Italy/Abruzzo 30 MW wind farm
  • Italy/Molise 30 MW wind farm

Total renewable projects: 500 MW Over € 600 ml in Financing and M&A