Lorena Rean-Cont is Executive Manager of Hedra Holding Srl.

After 2 years at Statale University of Milan (Foreign Languages and Literature), in 1989 she joined Publicis. FCB/MAC (advertising company) where, during the following 7 years, she followed both Italian and foreign clients, also working for the Public Relations office.

In 1996 she was in McDonald’s Development Italy Inc, first as Sports Marketing and Special Projects Manager and, then, Manager for Kids Marketing and for the organization of the annual meetings with all the Licencees of the brand.

In 2000 she followed the Public Relations’ (advertising, events organization and coordination with the agency support) and the Investor Relations’ Offices in Aedes SpA.

In 2011, she was Responsible for coordinating financial agents, reception and presentation to customers of real estate mortgage practices in BHW Financial Services.